Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Summer Activity! **Glaciers**

My kids *favorite* thing to do in the summer is make and melt "glaciers".

What the heck is a glacier?! Its plastic animals frozen in ice. Here's how to make some of your own:
take an empty, clean plastic container
put plastic critters in it (these are walmart 88c critters)
cover the critters in water
place in freezer overnight

remove glacier from plastic container
(I usually run it under warm water to losen it)

I give my kids turkey basters and some water to pour over their glaciers, but you can use pretty much anything! We usually do this outside too- easier to make a mess. Its 104 outside right now so Clowny Pants is doing his glacier on the kitchen counter today.

have fun!

We've gotten really creative with our glaciers...we put just about any plastic toy in them (you can even use the abundance of happy meal toys I'm sure you have in your toy bin!) and you can use pretty much any plastic container too! Our favorite is the mega glacier...its an ice cream bucket!! (not pictured)

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