Monday, July 28, 2008

Strike 2....

One more strike and I'm mailing you to your Auntie! HEHEHEHE

That face is so cute its hard to be mad at him!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

goodbye, Zombie!!

The zombie left this morning! My friend popped by for a couple of miniutes, told me that was the coolest zombie EVER and then asked what I was doing with it....

I told her she could HAVE HIM, and she went crazy! lol Then she stuffed him in her SUV and went on her merry way. This friend is totally obsessed with halloween, so Zombie will be a good addition to her collection. Plus now I can visit him....if I wanted to! (which I dont!)

So long crazy creepy Zombie! Enjoy your new home in my friend's attic with her other creepy halloween treasures!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Please help me name the Zombie!

I'm trying to think of a good name for my friend the Zombie.

I know- I want him to go away, but I think he needs a name. A good one. He can be passed along with his name, right? And perhaps a good back story. Hmmm....

is he an old sailor? Perhaps a bank robber? A pirate?


he reminds me a bit of these creepy fellows....

zombie zombie you need a new home!

Well, the Zombie didnt scare hubs at all. He just polietly asked how it came to live at our house and then helped me "gift" it to the neighbor next door. (we hid it on his porch)

This morning when I was taking the trash out, guess who was leaning against my gate? The Zombie lol!! The neighbor re-gifted it back to us! lol

He scares Scooty and Sassy, so I think its time for him to go! Anyone know of a good retirement home for Zombies?

My sister says maybe she'll take it off our hands....I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Halloween in July??

Something benign ever catch you offguard and scare the tar out of you??

This morning when I was backing my truck out to wash it I saw this crawling out (or in?) of my neighbors trash corral:

Yes, it scared me, (caught me off guard) and yes I screamed and jumped! Its not the first time I've seen the darn thing....for a while it lived on the patio cover next door to the neighbor throwing it away....

(and I'm guessing it doesnt WANT to be thrown away lol- which is why it was on the OUTSIDE of the trash corral)

So tonight in the mask of dusk, I snuck over there and brought it home, first stopping next door to sneak up on my unsuspecting neighbor. She screamed her head off btw lol! Then I put him on my patio in hopes of scaring the tar out of my husband when he comes home tonight! Tomorrow I'm passing him to the 12yo next door to scare her dad with! HEE HEE!!!


teething....I'm doing it....

and there's nothing quite like a giant ice pack to make me feel better...too bad that thing doesnt touch the giant molars that are giving me so much trouble!

speaking of ice cream sandwiches....

look what we made today.....YUM!

its these:

with this in the middle:

and then cut in half cause they're HUGE!! lol
and totally delicious!

summer items I can't live without:

1) tupperware ice cream sandwich maker:

Mine's "vintage"- its on permanant loan from my mother.

2) popsicle mold

again- mine is vintage and on permanant loan from my mother.

3) garden hose

4) go-gurt

5) continuous spray sunblock

free 64ct huggies wipes!

just follow the link

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Little Daddy" strikes again!

Scooty's love for Sassy's "Little Mommy" dolls continue!
{Scooty feeding his baby lunch}

{Scooty giving his buddy a hug}

{Mom, quit following me with that camera}

{Do you mind, I'm trying to rock him to sleep!}

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is what you get when your 5yo takes pictures with your camera

5yo boys are strange creatures arent they....I think that last one is his hand...

Splashpark pictures!

A local neighboring community has an AWESOME public park with a splash pad!
I've heard buzzing about it before, but it seemed like too much work the last 2 years. I was headed in that general direction today anyway and decided to check it out. I'm so glad we did! We had such a good time and can't wait to go back!

Love teddy grahams? Love Lightning McQueen?

Then I have the tastey snack JUST FOR YOU!!!
I started buying these for Scooty because he's obsessed with "Kachow" and loves him some cookies :)
I highly reccomend adding them to your shopping list!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chocolate Chip Pancakes make me.....

Update to RAVE: Little Mommy Dolls

Seriously FP, the name "Little Mommy" is too Gender Specific....

Does this look like a MOMMY to you??
No, this is our "Little Daddy", loving up the baby he hijacked out of his sister's doll cradle! lol
He likes to feed him, rock him, shush him, and my very favorite...walk around and put his baby's hand on things and then say "hot" or "no no". I love it when he sits down with his baby and points out eyes, nose, mouth, head, feet, hands, bum and my very favorite, "butty butty" which is a belly button lol

Star Wars: The Clone Wars....

Coming Aug 15 to a theatre near you- an animated Star Wars Movie!
The 3 little Star Wars Nerds that live at my house are beside themselves excited. They can hardly wait the 1 month 7 days until this movie hits the theatres. But what the heck is this movie rated?! Aparently ITS NOT. I cant find a single review stating its appropriate for children. Or not appropriate, or who the movie is even geared towards.
But aparently, this fall there will be an animated Star Wars series on Cartoon Network....goody...