Monday, August 25, 2008

Ponyville Catelog

Yes, aparently I have nothing better to do with my time than photograph and look up the names of My Little Ponies.

Case and point- I took all 13 of Sassy Pants' Ponyville Ponies out for a photoshoot and cateloged them... they look something like this:

now the wheels in my head are turning...what a cute little birthday gift this would be for her...a little booklet of all of her Ponies...hmm....photoshop isnt that hard to manuver...


OY! I've created a monster!

Do you have a plethera of My Little Ponies? Can't remember all their names?

Sassy Pants is a HUGE *My Little Pony* fan. HUGE.

She mostly collects the standard size ponies, but she also has a few of the plush ponies and a whole bin of the Ponyville My Little Ponies....

Here's the problem...she *has* to know their names. I'm smart, but I just dont have the brain capacity to remember the names of 28ish My Little Ponies AND everything else a mom of 4 should remember, so yesterday we solved the "Mommy what is this Pony's name?" problem.

Rather than staring blankly at Sassy Pants like "Huh?", we've cateloged all of her ponies. Who the heck does this?! Us aparently. We pulled out all the ponies last night and photographed them with the digital camera. Then I uploaded them into photo shop and labeled them all. We had to look up most of their names- but we found most of them on this collector's website, but since she hasn't updated her collection since 2005, there were several ponies we had to google or find on

So now, when Sassy Pants asks me "What's this Pony's name, Mom?" I can look her up in our "My Little Pony Catelog". We'll have to update it every time she gets a new pony (which will be soon I'm sure with her birthday and Christmas coming up), but since those come with their name plastered on the package, we won't have to do a bunch of reasearch to figure out their names! lol

The Sassy Pants Pony Collection Catelog looks something like this:

And I suppose if I wanted to- I could print them and put them in a photobook for her so that she could reference The Catelog herself rather than looking it up on Mommy's computer...
(hmm...thats actually not a bad idea!)

The Ponyville ponies are next, I swear! lol

Honestly you could probably do this with just abou ANY toy your child collects or has a googleplex of and insists on knowing ALL their Littlest Pet Shop, Thomas Trains or Star Wars guys.... hmm.... lol

And the best part? Its FREE!!!! (unless you print it- then obviously it would cost you a bit...but worth it?! HECK YEAH!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

better than the splash park- play fountain at the mall!

Took the kids to play in the fountain at the mall today- SO MUCH FUN! Definitly going back!

WAY BETTER than the splash park we went to last month!

-3x as many "sprinklers" as the splash park
-nobody knows about it, so it was almost empty
-more places to sit
-closer to home!

Can't wait to go back! (and neither can the kids!)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun with Markers!

Since I have these lovely new smocks to use I decided to pull out the washable markers and let Scooty (19mo) and his little friend, Girl Pal (17mo) go to TOWN!

They both had a really great time with the markers. Scooty figured out how to open and close the markers himself and really enjoyed scribbling with them. Girl Pal on the other hand was more intersted in hording all the markers and trying to eat them! lol

Thursday, August 14, 2008

this is what happens...

when we skip our nap and put on a Thomas DVR after dinner...

Clowny Pants learned to tie his shoes this weekend!

He can even double knot! Go Clowny Pants! You'll probably be the only kid in your Kindergarten class that can tie- but HURRAY!! Now if you could just figure out how to untie your "druple" knots*.....

*multiple double knots

toddler art smock- totally easy to make!

I googled looking for instructions on how to make one of these and came up with NOTHING. I needed something for my 19mo and his little friend to wear during our art projects....

I made two today- PIECE OF CAKE! and figured while I was making some I might as well do a tutorial. So here ya go...
-length of bias tape (I used about 14in for 1 shirt)
-old t-shirt

step 1)

find a slightly over sized long sleeved t-shirt. (I used a 3t) This one was pre-stained (came out of the hand me down box!)

step 2)
turn the shirt over- backside up and cut directly up the middle.

step 3) sew on bias tape "ties" to the neck
I laid it down like so and stitched it down about an inch and a half- make sure you re-enforce it.

step 4) pin down sides, edges turned under to keep fraying to a minimum

step 5) stitch sides down

step 6) I had to hand sew around the ties because it was too thick for my machine, so finish up whatever you need to by hand

voila- you have a lovely new smock for your child to use!!

here's the other smock I made at the same time:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 ranks up there in my top 10! lol

mmmm!!!! Melt in your mouth goodness!!

14 days until school starts....YIKES!

Where in heavens name has the summer gone?! Its literally disspeared before my eyes and I have nothing to show for it! Well, maybe a couple of photographs of the kids messing around here and there- but nothing COOL!

I guess we need to make the best of the last 2 weeks of summer!

*this* is stuck in my head...Thanks Enchanted!

Monday, August 11, 2008

RAVE: movie "ENCHANTED" super cute!

I highly reccomend getting your hands on a copy of this movie! Its DARLING and my kids are hooked! Fun for the whole family!