Wednesday, April 30, 2008


More than anything.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calvin and "Hobbies"

Who doesnt love a good comic strip, right?
Hubs favorite is Calvin and Hobbes. And whats not to love about those two??

Nothing like a mischevious little boy who's joined on his misadventures by a stuffed tiger who is alive to only him. Its a good read and that Bill Watterson has a good sense of humor!

I swear Bossy Pants is a Calvin in the making...
and for whatever reason hubs thought it was a good idea to pass on his Calvin and Hobbes collection over to Bossy Pants the weekend he's grounded for bringing home FOUR "naughty notes" from school in a 2 week time frame. Like that kid needs any ideas on how to carry out his evil plots! GOOD JOB HUBS!

umm....yeah now I'm going to go back to sticking my nose in this really good read .....

whatever happened to Bill Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes anyway??

Never leave a bag of raisins unattended..

seriously, dont. Chances are your 5yo will pick the bag up, turn it upside down and dump the entire contents of the bag on the floor.

Trust me.

this song is stuck in my head!

thanks a lot to the person who will remain nameless (ahem) for sharing this with me....
its been stuck in my head the last few days! lol

practical joke??

Last night Hubs called me into the kitchen to see the "mess" someone had left on the floor. He was carrying on about "bright yellow pee pee". Hmm... who pees on the floor in our house? I dont think it was any of the big kids and diaper clad Scooty probably didnt do it...

so I came into the kitchen, grabbed some paper towels and found...

UGH! Hubs, did you get your sense of humor from my dad?!

Monday, April 28, 2008

nursing and a combat boot clad baby dont really go together...

...unless you like getting kicked in the face of course.
I strongly recommend against sitting down to nurse a toddler wearing Dr Martins or any other boot for that matter. Especially if said child has
1) legs that only function in "turbo kick"
2)an excessively wiggly personality
You may get kicked. And guess what, it hurts.
There. Its been said. Can't say I didn't warn you.

another favorite shot

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love this picture

These are Clowny Pants' legs, they're so cute :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

watch out for 7yos with mad ninja skills

Bossy Pants is grounded. No friends, no tv, no video games- you get the idea.

We sent him out to water plants on the patio and guess who we found watching tv through the blinds?!

Yep...Bossy Pants. lol And he totally thought he wouldnt get caught!

Cheeky little booger!

never underestimate the ability of a 7yo to trick mommy...

I hate the stomache flu!

And its making the rounds at our house!
So far only 2 of us havent had it yet...Bossy and Sassy...

and my washer hasnt stopped since last night.


Monday, April 21, 2008

I did a google image seach for "Top Chef"

And this is what came up! ROFL!!
nothing like a good muppet reference, right?! HAHAHA

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alright, who taught the baby to say CHEEZE and grin like an idiot when he sees the camera?!

Its pretty cute, huh?!
Well whoever taught him to be a cheeseball for the camera is fired. I can't get a single natural shot out of him anymore! lol

Saturday, April 19, 2008


We LOVE this website! Fantastic learning tool for early readers. Its fun and educational at the same time!
Definitly worth a bookmark on your web browser!

Moosey Kisses and Nose Beeps

I love toddlers. I love their wonderment, their love of learning and their interest in everything. I love how quickly they pick things up. Its fun, and exciting. And exausting!

I dont think I can ever tire of "peek a boo" or "So Big". I could do without "no", however!

A few nights ago Hubs was playing "the nose beep" game with Clowny Pants and Scooty decided to join in. He smashed his nose up against my nose and said "BEE!!" lol
Its quickly become his favorite game!

Last night however he figured out how to plant big wet kisses on me :)
Usually if you ask him for a kiss, he'd put his cheek on your lips. Last night he puckered up and smooched MY cheek. Aw it was so precious!

He's such a darling boy! I wish this age could last forever!

Congratulations to Sassy and Bossy Pants!!

Both of those smart little boogers got 100% + all of their bonus words on their spelling tests yesterday!

Hurray for my wonderful spellers!
Unfortunatly they didnt inheret that from me or Hubs...we're both pretty bad spellers. Thank goodness for spellcheck!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

....and I've been accused of being crazy....

This morning my husband was watching a show on Discovery Health called "Twins, Twins and more Twins"- its about a family with 13 children, 6 of which are twins, 3 sets to be exact (identical, fraternal and identical again) and it dawned on me...


My family is a FRACTION of the size of that one!

So its offical. I have a tiny family, only one set of twins and we're totally sane :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who sells cute dresses for tall skinny 7yo girls?!

I hope someone knows because I seriously can't find any.
Thats my vent of the day.
Oh and cant find shorts that fit her right.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Looking for some kind of online game for your school aged child to play? Check out
Why do we love it?
1) we love all things build a bear
2) its free! (all you need is a code off the birth certificate of any build a bear built after Oct 07- if you dont have one, run to your local store for a code)
3) its fun
4) its SAFE, under settings parents can disable free chat so that IF you allow your child to talk to other children in the game they are only allowed to pick off of a predetermined list

check it out!

Scooty Pants Pooped in the Potty!

Its official- my 15mo is a genius. Ok maybe not. But he DID manage to poop and pee

in his little potty last night at bath time!
Yay Scooty!

Mommy! The Toi Yet needs a PUNCH!

Townhome plumming is tricky. You use a little too much TP from time to time and you need to plunge the toilet. A lot. Or PUNCH the toilet according to Clowny Pants! lol

Off to PUNCH the toilet I guess...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RAVE! "Word World" on PBS

We've just discovered this tv show in the last week or so and we LOVE it!
VERY educational! And the theme song is very catchy....
check it out!!

4 thumbs up!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our snail friend has returned!

Nothing like the onset of spring to bring out the snails.

Clowny Pants loves bugs, snails and critters. If he sees one, he'll stop to talk to it. Last year he'd have daily chats with "Snail Friend" on our sidewalk. Conversations would go something like this...

"Why hello little snail friend! How are you today? Enjoying this lovely weather? I think its kinda chilly, myself. Well, see you later, Snail Friend! Mommy says its time to come in!"

Yesterday morning (or as Clowny would say "Last morning"), we finally saw the first snail of spring squshing along our sidewalk. It was a wee little guy. Clowny ran over and stopped to say hello.

"Snail Friend! You're so small! Are you a baby snail? Would you like to be my friend? You're such a cute little baby snail...I know you want to be friends with me! Do you live in the ivy under the bush, little snail? You do?! Wonderful! I will see you later then!"

Ah- I look forward to our daily dillydallying chats with random snails....

Friday, April 4, 2008

another use for a sippy cup

Everybody uses these, right? Sure! But what do you put in it aside from milk/juice/water??


Don't laugh! Babies like soup! Ok well MINE does...he loves it! (please note, my baby is 15mo and eats table food)
I had leftover progresso chicken and rotini soup, so I heated it a little, threw in some leftover mashed potatos, and ground it all up with my stick blender and poured it in a sippy cup.
Scooty Pants sucked it down. I didn't use a valve though. And I had to watch him to make sure:
1) he didn't unscrew the lid (don't ask me how he knows how to do that, but he does)
2) he didn't throw it on the floor and make a huge soupy mess all over the floor.

Try it! I dare ya! And then let me know if your baby likes soup :)

Clowny Pant's new favorite lunch

Chocolate Chip Teddy Bear Pancakes! YUM!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I caught a washing machine bandit!

And I caught him red handed!

Who is that cute little friend that snuck in with the comforters?
Why that is Fuzzy, Clowny Pants bear friend. I didn't know he was there when I loaded up and started the washer, but much to my surprise when I opened the lid to pull things out, there he was!
We're not really sure how he ended up in the washer...maybe he decided he needed a bath and climbed in there himself.
Clowny Pants is smarter than that though. He said "Mom that's silly! Fuzzy can't move without my help and *I* didn't put him in there!"

Shouting from the rooftops!

WE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! It only took 15 months, but Scooty Pants has finally offically slept through the night!

He gave us a nice 7 hour streach in his OWN bed last night! That's a record for Scooty!

Go Scooty!

Now lets pray he can pull it off again tonight...