Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an update of sorts...

Yes, I realize it has been over a month since I blogged. I'm sorry. No really- I am!

It has been crazy busy around here and blogging has been the last thing on my list of priorities. Why? Well lets see...where to begin...

Well first of all I'm 8 months pregnant and I'm TIRED. That should be enough right there- right?

Second of all, we're moving. We've been looking for a house for like 6 months and have seen around 30 houses. Well, something like that. I lost count after the 18th house and I know we've seen at least 12 since then. Finally, we found one. And we're scheduled to move 5 days before the baby is due. Yeah...I hear that's nuts.

I was *really* excited until Sunday and now panic is setting in. I've got a "control notebook" going where I'm listing what needs to go in what room, what the essentials are that need (*MUST*) be unpacked first in case I end up at the hospital for a few days having a baby before the house gets unpacked. (however since my children like to torture me, good chance we'll be all moved in and settled and THEN the baby will decide to grace us with her presence...). Rather than getting bombarded with phone calls from Grandma and Hubs (who will be on kidwatch) with them asking me where everything is (and heck if I will actually know the answer to that), I figure if the *important* stuff gets put away first, that will reduce headaches all the way around.

I haven't packed a single thing yet though- I don't know where to start!

Oh and I am in no way/shape/form ready to have this baby. I have nothing ready for her. NOTHING.
I haven't washed a single piece of baby clothes yet, she has no place to sleep, no place to PUT her clothes once they're washed...maybe moving will help with some of that? I haven't pulled out ANY of the baby stuff...you know- blankets, swing, burp cloths...
I don't have a hospital bag packed (maybe I should put that on my list of things to do)

I have 1 thing done. I bought a carseat. A pink one. And as long as the baby comes out with girl parts- then we're good! Oh and I pulled out all of Sassy Pants' old clothes and figured out what I have compared to what I need and Grandma has been out shopping to fill in the gaps..

So that's pretty much my update.

24 days until my due date
19 days until the move

and this is me starting to pull out my hair.

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Jamber (more Amber than Jaron) said...

You truly are super-mom!! I am always impressed with all you do, and you look good doing it, too!
But I would suggest packing that hospital bag. :) Everything else will be taken care of.
Exciting stuff!!