Monday, June 15, 2009

Update a baby jumper? I can do that!

I found this outdated jumper in Sassy Pants' outgrown clothes.Ew, did I really buy that? ....yeah I think I did...

Thankfully most denim never goes out of style, and the cut of that jumper isn't too bad, its just got some really stupid looking embroidory on them...I wonder if I can cover them up with something cute...I mean I've done all those cute onsies, so a jumper can't be that hard, right? Can I do this and pull it off?

Yes, YES I CAN!!

(and you can do it too, I'll show you how!)

First I made myself a template to cut out my fabric shape.

(Make sure it fits over whatever you're covering up)

(mine is a strawberry, yours can be anything)

Cut your "cover up" piece out, embelish as needed.

(I had my 8yo sew "seeds" on. If I done this for her, I think I would have used beads)

Then sew it to your garment.

Finished product!

Wow, that is SO much cuter!

I wouldn't even mind if she was seen in public wearing that!

You can even make a stupid looking bow to go with it if you want!

Jelly Bean doesnt have any hair yet, so it'll be a while before she can wear it. I think I'm going to stick it on a headband. She has a lot of other strawberry clothes that will fit in the time to come that she can wear this bow with too.

And wear with pride!
Our in my case- stick it on your baby and happily accept compliments on your handiwork...

(my mother who-was with me when I bought the jumper 8 years ago- just asked me if it was new and when I'd gotten it...oh silly grandma! lol)

It occured to me after it was all done that I could have used cotton fabric insted of time I make strawberries maybe I'll remember the square of leftover pink and white polka-dot fabric hiding in a box in my room!

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