Monday, July 13, 2009

Sassy Pants and her summer project....

Sassy Pants *finally* got her own bedroom a few months ago when we moved.

We want to do a cute theme for Sassy's room. We're not sure if Jelly Bean will move in with her eventually or not, but we're thinking if she does, whatever theme we go with should be something that two little girls would love.

Sassy loves Fairies. And Ponies. And Sassy's Auntie found some faboo Garden Fairies books a last year for Sassy's birthday. They are full of beautiful illustrations! And guess what- you can get Wallies and prints online by this artist!

Here's my favorite...can you imagine why?!

It reminds me an awful lot of two cute sisters I know!
(one who loves fairies even!)

We decided that she'd outgrown her worn out Barbie comforter and went shopping for a new comforter or spread for her bed in her new room. We came up empty handed. Sassy has a daybed in her room (an upgrade from living on the top bunk), and everything that we found- the print was turned the wrong direction or was ridiculously expensive (target has some really cute stuff....for $100 for just the quilt...then another $12.99 per sham! its ridiculous!)

We wanted something like this...cute...right? $100 for that! For THAT!!!

(except now I think its $40 on clearance...doh! Too late!)

Sassy's Great Aunt gave her a daybed spread for now... but Sassy and I decided that we'd like to MAKE something a little bit more Sassy's style. We weren't really sure what we wanted to do until my friend brought over a quilt she'd made for Jelly Bean. That's when it hit us- we could copy that idea! We could MAKE a beautiful quilt for Sassy's bed!

this is Jelly Bean's quilt

cute, huh?! My friend hand made that!

(and that is a horrible and sideways picture...sorry!)

Grandma gave us a box of leftover fabric from making a quilt for Auntie about 10 years ago- really really really cute stuff too! Everything in the box is pink, purple or baby blue. Perfect!

So we started the quilt today...with a bit of a twist. Since Sassy has wanted to learn to sew more than just a stitch here and there on whatever Mommy is working on, we decided to make this *our* project rather than Mommy's project. Sassy is picking out which fabrics to put together and doing a lot of the hand sewing herself. Mommy is doing all the cutting and pinning and very little of the hand sewing. Mommy will end up being the one that sews all 42 squares together at the end and putting a back on it. Not sure who will do what at that point...

I doubt we'll be done by the end of summer though!

(the goal is to get it done before Jelly Bean learns to crawl in about 3 months....a crawling baby makes putting up a quilt frame in your living room a bit of a challenge!)

We're not exactly copying Jelly Bean's quilt. Just using the idea....1 big fabric flower per square... but our fabric flowers will be much more simple. WAY more simple because an 8yo with no sewing experience will be piecing it together!

Another bonus....I mean aside from having a beautiful hand made quilt and learning to hand sew at the end of this project, I think it also counts for one of her requirements for her Faith In God award that she's working on at church!

Here's a picture of Sassy working on her first square!!

one square half done, one more in process and 40 left to cut and sew. We can get this done in 3 months...right?? (that doesn't even count shams....I plan on doing shams too!)

Stay tuned for updates on our progress!!


Botany Nerd said...

Yay! What a wonderful summer project. I love the photo of Sissy working on the first flower. Hey, I remember that pink ruler!

Miss V. said...
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Miss V. said...

I think that was your pink ruler, Auntie!

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see the finished project!!