Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Halloween in July??

Something benign ever catch you offguard and scare the tar out of you??

This morning when I was backing my truck out to wash it I saw this crawling out (or in?) of my neighbors trash corral:

Yes, it scared me, (caught me off guard) and yes I screamed and jumped! Its not the first time I've seen the darn thing....for a while it lived on the patio cover next door to the neighbor throwing it away....

(and I'm guessing it doesnt WANT to be thrown away lol- which is why it was on the OUTSIDE of the trash corral)

So tonight in the mask of dusk, I snuck over there and brought it home, first stopping next door to sneak up on my unsuspecting neighbor. She screamed her head off btw lol! Then I put him on my patio in hopes of scaring the tar out of my husband when he comes home tonight! Tomorrow I'm passing him to the 12yo next door to scare her dad with! HEE HEE!!!

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Tristansmommy said...

Ha I love it!! I would LOVE to have something like that, I totally get into decorating for Halloween!!! Good catch!!