Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Take a HIKE, NOT ME!

Dearest Not Me,

I dont know how you have come to live at my house, but its time for you to go.

Daily you are blamed by a chorus of children for messes left in my home. ("Who left out the crayons?" "Not Me!" "Who forgot to close the door?" "Not Me!" "Who left the dirty underwear in the bathroom?" "Not Me!")
Constantly you're elected for chores nobody else wants to do. ("Who is going to help mommy take out the trash?" "Not Me!" "Who's going to sweep up those crumbs?" "Not Me!")

If all you do is make messes and not clean up after yourself, then its time for you to go.
So pack your bags, Not Me. Take a hike. You've worn out your welcome at the Pants house.
love always,
p.s. Please take I Dunno with you please!
("Who told you it was OK to hit your brother?" "I Dunno!" "Who said it was OK to ride your bike without a helmet?" "I Dunno!")

1 comment:

Kari said...

Wow! Not Me really gets around!!! He's here on a daily basis!! I Dunno doesn't come around too often... I've made it clear that his presence isn't welcome by saying "You better not say 'I Dunno'"