Friday, November 7, 2008

**RAVE**!!!! Lee jeans NO Gap Waistband!

I dont know about anyone else, but at this house we have ISSUES finding jeans that fit right.
Sassy pants and I are both carrying a little big of junk in our trunks, but are slim pretty much everywhere else. Thats where buying jeans is literally a pain in the behind.

Usually the problem is "gap-osis", where there's a 2+ inch gap between the back of the pants/jeans and your back. And then your underpants show. PROBLEM. Not only is it completely unflattering (and who wants to see what underpants you're wearing, right?) but its also really uncomfortable!

Until now.

Last night at kohls, grandma sent Sassy into the fitting room with 14 pairs of jeans. (I kid you not). The 4th pair of jeans Sassy tried on was a pair of Lee girls streach jeans with a "NO GAP WAISTBAND" and you know what? THEY FIT PERFECT! No "gap-osis", no "hitch up your pants-dance" to keep them up...we were in LOVE.

Come to find out after googling....Lee makes an ENTIRE LINE of these not only for little girls (in slim sizes too!), but for ladies too! Guess what my first pair of post baby jeans I'm purchasing are going to be? guessed it!

And whats better than finding a fantastic fitting pair of jeans? Knowing that they're reasonably priced!! I think Sassy Pants new jeans were around $11! (on sale, with a 20% off coupon)

THANK YOU LEE for making a pair of jeans that cover our booties!!

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