Monday, January 26, 2009

7 lbs of BEANS?! Make a sensory table!

I had 7lbs of beans and NO clue what to do with them....
so today when the babies (Scooty and Girl Pal) were going crazy trashing my house it dawned on me I could use them to keep them busy!
-7lbs of beans
-underbed chest or big bin
-scoops/containers or whatever from around the kitchen
-we also pulled out some dump trucks and scooper trucks
-wide open space to play in

Dump all the beans in the bin, have fun!
We played on the kitchen floor because it was easy to clean up beans, but if you do it on carpet, you may want a blanket or sheet underneeth for easier clean up.

you can store the beans in the bin, but since I dont have a place to store mine flat, I scooped up all the beans and put them in an empty/clean ice cream bucket with a lid. And we can use them again another day!


Megan said...

Oooh! It would also be fun to bury little objects in the beans and have a hunt for them.

Miss V. said...

and you know what- we totally did too! I threw some little plastic dinosaurs in there at the end after I took pictures!