Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the stinkbug

Yesterday Scooty, Clowny and I were at the park having a playdate. Clowny was thirsty so we went over to the water fountain for a drink. On the fence next to the water fountain was a STINK BUG. Clowny had never seen one before so we got close enough to look at it, but as he was about to poke it I said "dont EVER touch those! If you make him mad he'll STINK ya!"
So insted of POKING at it, guess what he did? HE BLEW ON IT! And the darn thing stunk him in the eye!

There's a whole new meaning to STINKEYE! rofl!!


Samantha said...

Ha ha ha. That is funny, and gross at the same time.

-Bridget said...

Lol, that is hysterical!