Thursday, August 14, 2008

toddler art smock- totally easy to make!

I googled looking for instructions on how to make one of these and came up with NOTHING. I needed something for my 19mo and his little friend to wear during our art projects....

I made two today- PIECE OF CAKE! and figured while I was making some I might as well do a tutorial. So here ya go...
-length of bias tape (I used about 14in for 1 shirt)
-old t-shirt

step 1)

find a slightly over sized long sleeved t-shirt. (I used a 3t) This one was pre-stained (came out of the hand me down box!)

step 2)
turn the shirt over- backside up and cut directly up the middle.

step 3) sew on bias tape "ties" to the neck
I laid it down like so and stitched it down about an inch and a half- make sure you re-enforce it.

step 4) pin down sides, edges turned under to keep fraying to a minimum

step 5) stitch sides down

step 6) I had to hand sew around the ties because it was too thick for my machine, so finish up whatever you need to by hand

voila- you have a lovely new smock for your child to use!!

here's the other smock I made at the same time:

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