Monday, May 25, 2009

The Moving Day and JellyBean's arrival Story

Once upon a time there was a family with a bunch of little kids that lived in a very small 2 bedroom condo, sandwhiched between two sets of crazy neighbors. Crazy neighbors that had frequent visits from the cops for being unruly in the middle of the night.

They wanted to move so very badly. They had outgrown the space and the neighbors were crazy.
So they found a cute little 4 bedroom house with a yard and a garage to rent and made plans to move. The day of the move was schedule for 5 days before their baby was due.

The week before the move, Daddy and Mommy spent 5 hours in the ER because Daddy sprained his ankle/foot. Daddy ended up on crutches. Patrons of the ER joked about who would get seen first...Daddy, or Mommy because she'd gone into labor after being in the ER for so long...

Mommy spent two weeks packing everything. The day before the move the condo was nothing but celing high piles of boxes.

The day of the move arrived and everyone was very excited. The kids watched the first hour of the move, and then were shuffled off to a friends house after Scooty Pants had a meltdown over the couch. He watched men from church haul the couch out to the curb to be loaded into the moving truck and ran after it screaming "but I sit there!"

Mommy had some minor spotting and was put in "time out" about a billion times. No contractions, so Mommy wasnt the slightest bit concerned about having a baby that day. Mommy kept running around like a crazy lady....unpacking a box or two here and there, running out to switch laundry in the know- regular stuff..

Some ladies from church came and unpacked my kitchen and make beds for everyone. Grandma came and unpacked the linen closet. Grandpa and the missionaries unpacked the moving truck. When that was said and done, Grandma and Grandpa went home to take a break and said they'd be back later with dinner.

The kids came home and helped unpack their rooms. Ok so Mommy may have done *most* of it...but still- it was unpacked. The kids could find their toys and clothes (imo thats the most important part of a move for a kid!) Then Sassy Pants started throwing up.

Here's where it gets exciting. (like it wasnt exciting enough)

During dinner (7:30) the contractions started. Yes, STARTED. Mommy managed to go without contractions through the ENTIRE move! They were 10 miniutes apart. Mommy gave up trying to eat dinner and went to lay down. Contractions got stronger and closer together. Guess it was time to go to the hospital and have a baby?

Grandma ran home to pack herself a bag so that she could stay with the kids overnight if need be (Daddy was home by midnight though, so Grandma didnt need to stay the night), Daddy and Mommy ran out the door to drive to the hospital and left the 4 kids with Grandpa. It was about 9:30.

By the time they got in the car, contractions were about 5 miniutes apart. Unfortunatly they had a 25min drive to the hospital.

Mommy's water broke in the car, not far from the hospital. OOPS. (this, by the way come out with a good steam cleaning!)

When they pulled up to the hospital, Mommy couldnt walk. It was about 10pm. Mommy could bearly breathe. Daddy parked the car, jumped out and hobbled up to the ER to grab a wheelchair and tell the ER staff that a woman who was about to drop a baby on the lobby floor was sitting in the car before running back down to collect mommy. Daddy could bearly push Mommy up the ramp!! Someone ran down from L&D to "collect" Mommy from the ER while Daddy stayed behind to give Mommy's info to the ER staff and get Mommy checked in. Mommy vaugly remembers arguing with the L&D nurse about getting out of the wheelchair changing into a gown- hurt too much to move...

10:10- the Jelly Bean arrived after 3 pushes. Mommy was exausted and at some point said "I'm too tired- YOU do it!" to Daddy lol
Yes, you read that right. Contractions started at 7:30 and the baby was born at 10:10.

Fastest. Labor. Ever. in the history of the Pants family. Clowny Pants had a 4 hour labor and was born 1/2 hour after arriving at the very same hospital- he comes the closest.

Jelly Bean was a healthy 7lbs 9oz however Mommy can't remember how long she was...20in maybe? She has brown hair and big blue eyes. (and depending on who you ask, looks like a little carbon copy of all the other kids) She was born with eyebrows and long pretty eyelashes too!
The Jelly Bean, only hours old...

All the kids sitting on the couch at the new house
The Jelly Bean in her *pink* carseat!

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