Thursday, May 28, 2009

the potty train...we're officially climbing on!

that's right- Scooty Pants is officially jumping on the potty train this week.

It started tuesday. I went to target to buy diapers and he had me stop the cart to look at pull ups...conversation went a little something like this:

Scooty- "I see Kachow!"
Me- "uh huh" (followed by an eyeroll...we see Lightning McQueen everywhere)
Scooty- "Kachow on a diaper!"
Me- "thats not a diaper. THAT kid on the box is sitting on a potty"
Scooty- "ooooooooooh. Kachow beeeeg boy pants?"
Me- "yep...that kid is wearing lightning mcqueen big boys because he uses the potty. Those arent for babies."
Scooty- "I not a baby. I a beeeeeg boy. Get Chow beeeg boy pants."
Me- "we're buying diapers today. You're a baby."
Scooty -"nu uh...I go potty...I beeeg boy. Want Kachow pants!"
Me- "I'm not buying you those. You don't use the potty enough to wear those. Those are for big boys that wear underpants. If you pee in them you make lightning mcqueen sad."
Scooty- "Kachow sad pee in dem?"
Me- "yep. you dont want a sad sad sad lightning mcqueen, now do you?"
Scooty- (now holding my face so that I look him square in the eye) "I WANT BEEEEG BOY PANTS! WIF CACHOW ON DEM!"
Me- "Only if you will use the potty. ALL the time.
Scooty - "K. No Diapers. Baby wear diapers. Jelly Bean wear diapers. Baby. Diapers. Yucky. I wear beeeeg boys."

They were on clearance, so I figure what the heck...a whole box of pull ups for $16? that's a STEAL.

I guess Scooty didn't realize that I'm one of those mean moms that only lets their kid wear a pull up at bedtime, naptime and if we're going someplace for more than 10 minutes...
he's been BEGGING for "Kachow" pants all day...

Now he's not *new* to this whole thing....he's been sitting on the potty to do #2 for about a year. When he was big enough to walk we bought him a potty seat and got him started...
he's been doing #1 off and on since then, but hasn't shown enough interest until now to really push it. Well that's half true. Before the move/arrival of Jelly Bean he was ready but I wasn't because I knew he was about to be turned upside down and wanted to skip regressing in that department too.

He's got the basics. He knows all the parts and what they're supposed to do....its just remembering to go that we're working on.

So far today he's gotten two jelly beans (1 each for #1) and a "beeeeeg chawkit" (hershey's kiss for #2) lets see what tomorrow brings....

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