Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Us!

Happy 2nd Birthday Scooty Pants!
Happy 6th Birthday Clowny Pants!

Since the boys dont technically share a birthday, having thier birthdays 4 days apart still lets us "share" their special day together- esp at Grandma's house. The highlight of our day was the egg free banana muffins that Clowny Pants made (his egg allergy keeps him from enjoying birthday cakes) . He specially requested the "2" 's and the "6" 's be frosted in green- his favorite color- on the muffins.

Scooty had no idea what to do with his candle, so grandpa blew it out for him hee hee.

Scooty picked up a new sentance that day too (you'd think he'd have mastered it at Christmas lol) "Open Presents!"

My little boys are getting so big!!

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