Monday, December 15, 2008

Reindeer Gift Bags!

I know...I know...that's not a bag...that's the card that Bossy and Sassy made for their piano teacher... it was too cute not to share...

-paper bag
-red paint
-brown paint
-black paint
-paint brush
-brown marker (I like sharpies for this project)
-google eyes
-finger or thumb (I used Scooty's big toe)

1)OK I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like with just the use your imagination..
dry completely before going on to step 2

2) draw on antlers...I used a brown sharpie

3) glue eyes on
(I couldn't find my google eyes, so I used a hole punch on white paper, then drew a pupil on each eye and then glued it looks like a google eye, right?)

4) dip just the end of your q-tip in paint and dot a nose on each critter, let dry and VOILA!!

this is the one that Sassy Pants did for her gift exchange- she put noses in the middle of the thumbprint and then she drew a smile on


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

So absolutely adorable! I love those bags. :)

Jen, Preston and Maren said...

Those are adorable! I heart Secondhand Serenade also!