Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Looking for some kind of online game for your school aged child to play? Check out
Why do we love it?
1) we love all things build a bear
2) its free! (all you need is a code off the birth certificate of any build a bear built after Oct 07- if you dont have one, run to your local store for a code)
3) its fun
4) its SAFE, under settings parents can disable free chat so that IF you allow your child to talk to other children in the game they are only allowed to pick off of a predetermined list

check it out!


Pam said...

We are going to Build Bear this know who's b'day coming up! So thank you for this info.

Miss V. said...

you're welcome!

the older you know who can probably play some of the games himself, but the younger you know who will most likely want to play and need you to sit and help her...

remember the more points you earn in the games the more bear money (I cant remember what its called) you earn and you can "buy" things in the game with them like furnishings for your bear's home, clothes and hairdo's! Clowny Pants has me play FOR him a