Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calvin and "Hobbies"

Who doesnt love a good comic strip, right?
Hubs favorite is Calvin and Hobbes. And whats not to love about those two??

Nothing like a mischevious little boy who's joined on his misadventures by a stuffed tiger who is alive to only him. Its a good read and that Bill Watterson has a good sense of humor!

I swear Bossy Pants is a Calvin in the making...
and for whatever reason hubs thought it was a good idea to pass on his Calvin and Hobbes collection over to Bossy Pants the weekend he's grounded for bringing home FOUR "naughty notes" from school in a 2 week time frame. Like that kid needs any ideas on how to carry out his evil plots! GOOD JOB HUBS!

umm....yeah now I'm going to go back to sticking my nose in this really good read .....

whatever happened to Bill Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes anyway??

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