Friday, April 4, 2008

another use for a sippy cup

Everybody uses these, right? Sure! But what do you put in it aside from milk/juice/water??


Don't laugh! Babies like soup! Ok well MINE does...he loves it! (please note, my baby is 15mo and eats table food)
I had leftover progresso chicken and rotini soup, so I heated it a little, threw in some leftover mashed potatos, and ground it all up with my stick blender and poured it in a sippy cup.
Scooty Pants sucked it down. I didn't use a valve though. And I had to watch him to make sure:
1) he didn't unscrew the lid (don't ask me how he knows how to do that, but he does)
2) he didn't throw it on the floor and make a huge soupy mess all over the floor.

Try it! I dare ya! And then let me know if your baby likes soup :)