Saturday, April 19, 2008

Moosey Kisses and Nose Beeps

I love toddlers. I love their wonderment, their love of learning and their interest in everything. I love how quickly they pick things up. Its fun, and exciting. And exausting!

I dont think I can ever tire of "peek a boo" or "So Big". I could do without "no", however!

A few nights ago Hubs was playing "the nose beep" game with Clowny Pants and Scooty decided to join in. He smashed his nose up against my nose and said "BEE!!" lol
Its quickly become his favorite game!

Last night however he figured out how to plant big wet kisses on me :)
Usually if you ask him for a kiss, he'd put his cheek on your lips. Last night he puckered up and smooched MY cheek. Aw it was so precious!

He's such a darling boy! I wish this age could last forever!

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