Monday, April 7, 2008

Our snail friend has returned!

Nothing like the onset of spring to bring out the snails.

Clowny Pants loves bugs, snails and critters. If he sees one, he'll stop to talk to it. Last year he'd have daily chats with "Snail Friend" on our sidewalk. Conversations would go something like this...

"Why hello little snail friend! How are you today? Enjoying this lovely weather? I think its kinda chilly, myself. Well, see you later, Snail Friend! Mommy says its time to come in!"

Yesterday morning (or as Clowny would say "Last morning"), we finally saw the first snail of spring squshing along our sidewalk. It was a wee little guy. Clowny ran over and stopped to say hello.

"Snail Friend! You're so small! Are you a baby snail? Would you like to be my friend? You're such a cute little baby snail...I know you want to be friends with me! Do you live in the ivy under the bush, little snail? You do?! Wonderful! I will see you later then!"

Ah- I look forward to our daily dillydallying chats with random snails....

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Kari said...

Awe!! Too cute!!